Hotel on Pileckiego Street in Warsaw
15362 m²
JW Construction Holding S. A.
Project year
Challenge - to design a luxury hotel operating as an aparthotel on a narrow, densely wooded, elongated plot.

The investment area, situated at the corner of two major and significant streets in Warsaw - Puławska Street and Rtm. Witold Pilecki Street, allowed for the construction of only a single-wing long building. In hotel design, this is generally unfavorable due to fire safety evacuation regulations and the visual appeal of the structure.
A modern building was created with a length of 215.5 meters in a straight line, making it shorter than the longest building in Warsaw (Jamnik Building near the Eastern Station) by 292.5 meters, and longer by 214 meters than the narrowest building in the capital – the Keret House (0.9-1.5 meters). On a national scale, the designed building is longer than the Katowice Superjednostka (182 meters).

To maintain attractiveness, the long structure was visually divided into smaller sections by recesses on the front facade, designated for the cultivation of greenery. Balconies with walls made of different materials run around the building, depending on the orientation – glass railings on the northern side – Pileckiego Street – are more transparent and representative. Railings on the southern side are solid, providing greater privacy from neighboring buildings.

To care for ecology and compensate for the loss of existing flora on the balconies, planters with vegetation were installed, creating a regular rhythm on the facade and adding warm wood and greenery to the white-graphite structure. Vegetation also finds its place above the main entrance to the building, on publicly accessible terraces on the top floor on the southern side, as well as in the recesses on the front facade.

On the ground floor of the building, in the arcade, there are attractive commercial premises accessible from Pileckiego Street, while the upper floors accommodate 224 residential units. The main entrance to the hotel is located in the central part of the structure and is glazed, just like the patio.
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