House interior design – Kraszewskiego Street in Warsaw
243 m²
Project year
in progress
The interior is another result of the work that we had the pleasure to start right from the foundation, meaning with the design of the structure itself. From the beginning, the guiding theme was the modern farmhouse style. Thanks to the Investors' trust in both the exterior and interior aspects, we managed to create a cohesive project.
The main goal was to create a space radiating a sense of homely warmth, which would also blend modernity and simplicity, moving away from purely rustic atmospheres and leaning more towards loft-inspired solutions. The dark facade and roof of the building's structure inspired us to incorporate strong, black details and divisions inside, which are repeated in various built-in elements and furnishings. The entirety is enveloped in warm, wooden veneers and matte, marble surfaces.

Visualisation: Mykhailo Ovod
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